Happy couple planning decor in new home

Considering its flexibility, more and more young adults today choose to rent rather than own. With just a short-term commitment, the young renters can easily change jobs then move anywhere they need and want once lease is up.

But, just because you are renting doesn’t mean that you should restrain yourself from experimenting with your place’s interior design. If you want to redecorate your rental and make it your own personal haven, here are a few simple quick changes that you can try.

Go for Second-Hand Furniture

If your budget doesn’t allow you to get top of the line furniture, you could actually fill your rental home with second-hand but still high quality pieces of furniture. While their prices could be almost the same with that of brand new ones, second hand pieces usually have better quality, which guarantees longevity to help you save money down the road. What is even more interesting is that repainted old furniture lets you add a personal touch to your home.

Change Old Lighting Fixtures

Stunning lighting fixtures are great for making a big interior design statement. But, if you are renting, there are probably a lot of outdated ceiling lights in the property that could make you feel a bit gloomy. To address the problem, you can replace the fixtures with the ones that best represent your taste and style. Just make sure that you get your landlord’s approval before making any permanent changes.

Liven Up Walls with Temporary Wallpaper

Are the plain walls making the place look dull and boring? Try using removable wallpaper to brighten up your walls. When compared to paint, removable wallpapers are very easy to install and available in different patterns. You may also add an instant visual interest to your rental and there is no need for you to worry regarding the fee for repair. Removable wallpapers will not damage your walls once you peel it off. In addition to that, you may reuse it for many times without losing cohesion.

Hang Colorful Curtains to Add Interest

If you want to get rid of any holes in your walls or wish to add bright colors on your walls, there are some ways for you to invigorate your space through hanging colorful curtains. Floor-to-ceiling drape works just like an accent wall.

Transform the Ordinary Walls to an Art Gallery

Another more inexpensive and easier way to personalize your rental is by using the blank walls as an art gallery. Hang several framed artwork to show each of your aesthetics or create a unique memory wall with a postcard collage or photo.

Consider Placing an Area Rug for Covering Ugly Floors

Not all renters are lucky enough in searching for a place with good hardwood floors. If you rented a place that requires wall to wall carpeting, do not get frustrated. You just require a stylish area rug to layer on the ugly floors. You might be concerned that rugs on wall to wall carpet will make rooms look bulky and busy. A bold area rug won’t only cover imperfect floors, but also this will bring color to your rental space.

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