Modern stylish Sydney bathroomTaking on a bathroom renovation is one of the most expensive renovations your home has to offer. Sydney-siders can especially be hit by large bathroom renovation costs due to the expensive tastes this region has. Also depending on the suburb your property is located in, you may find yourself trying to fit in with existing styles. Or may even want to achieve a stunning unique design.

But rest assured, as with any large expenditures, there are always some strategies that you can undertake to reduce your overall costs. While still achieving magnificent results. Here are our top 5 bathroom renovations Sydney tips.

  1. Keep layout changes minimal: Changing the plumbing lines can add big costs to your overall renovation spend. For starters a licensed plumber is required to lay new lines and if you have to cut through concrete slabs or brick walls things can get expensive.
  2. Recycled items save dollars: You can often pick up cheap and sometimes even free items for your bathroom renovation. Saving money on items such as vanities and baths can reduce your overall renovation cost significantly. This doesn’t mean you need to get damaged items. Floor stock, ex-display models and other reasons cause companies to practically give excellent quality bathware away for next to nothing.
  3. Large tiles for style: Choosing larger tiles in your bathroom ads a touch of style and class. Not only does it look better, it also makes the room seem bigger and is quicker for the tiler to tile the area. Again saving you on labour costs.
  4. Fresh paint adds new life: You will be amazed at how a fresh coat of paint can really uplift a room, let alone a bathroom. If you are not going to replace your existing tiles, you can simply paint straight over them to give your bathroom a fresh new look. Of course you will need a primer coat first to ensure the paint sticks well, but the end result will be great.
  5. Chrome over white: When choosing your fittings, always go for chrome finish over the standard white. The difference in price is often non existent, however the look of chrome fittings adds a higher level of class.

Do your research, look for freebies and bargains and you are sure to save thousands off your total spend. By employing all of these tips you will not only save on your renovation costs but you will also be adding a considerable amount more to your property value once completed. Property value is all about demand. And when your bathroom is in tip top condition and people are attracted to it, they will pay more for your home whenever you decide to sell.


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